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It is new and is going to be such fun Night Bowls at Mermaid Beach Bowls Club every Wednesday from 5:00 pm to 7:30 pm. Mixed Mufti, 2 bowl triples. So come along and have a great evening.
Congratulations to our Men’s Pennant Division 8 Winners -Stan Forrester, Graham Perry, Derick Coppack, Derrick Symonds, Alan Barker, Ray Johnsen, Frank Low, Ian Keleher, Rod Lynn, Alan Cook, Brett Phillips, Cliff Harmsworth, Ray Wight.
We are VERY PROUD of you all.


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Traced back to the 13th century, lawn bowling is an ancient sport that requires both a keen eye and keen senses. The object of lawn bowling is simple, in essence; players must roll biased balls in an attempt to have them stop closest to a smaller ball (we call it a jack or a kitty).

Lawn bowling is played on a flat pitch, and Mermaid Bowls has three of the best greens on the Gold Coast. The pitch can be as important as the lawn bowling balls themselves, with the need for precise leveling and pristine manicuring. At Mermaid Bowls, we take pride in our lawn bowling greens. Our team works tirelessly to perfect this vital element.

As you’ve probably worked out, lawn bowling is usually played outdoors, and, luckily for the team here at Mermaid Bowls, being situated on the Gold Coast allows us to take advantage of amazing weather and beautiful sunshine year-round.

Mermaid Bowls is home to one of the most loved bowling clubs on the Gold Coast. Becoming a member of Mermaid Bowls can connect to you to a great network of professional, competitive and casual bowlers who each love the sport and club for various reasons. Our solid foundation of both enjoying this amazing sport and promoting lawn bowls throughout the Gold Coast. The team at Mermaid Bowls are always looking for ways to improve the lawn bowling membership, and are currently looking to expand the offerings of the Mermaid Bowls Club. With a strong club and even stronger sense of community, at Mermaid Bowls, it’s easy to make new friends while enjoying one of the most loved sports in Australia.

Mermaid Bowls does a lot more than serve up great bistro food while providing a fun place to watch competitive players test their skills against the best in Australia.

If you would like to find out more information about lawn bowling, barefoot bowling or Mermaid Bowls in particular, please don’t hesitate to contact Mermaid Bowls Administration between 8am and 4pm on (07) 5572 3463 (ext. 2), or email us on admin@mermaidbowls.com.au.

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